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Yasumoto Soke and the development of Hontai Yōshin Ryū and Motoha Yōshin Ryū Jūjutsu

Akiyoshi Yasumoto is a descendant of a bushi family dating back to the 15th century.

For many years he trained Takagi Ryū Jūjutsu with Kanazawa Ichizu and Hontai Yōshin Ryū Jūjutsu under Minaki Saburo Masanori, 17th Soke, and received his licence of complete transmission (menkyo kaiden).

In 1981 Yasumoto Sensei started to travel abroad to teach Hontai Yōshin Ryū Jūjutsu in Europe and the USA on behalf of his Soke. The first country he visited was Italy.

In 1996, Mr Yasumoto and Mr Kanazawa Akira, and other menkyo kaiden holders of Minaki Soke decided to leave the Hontai Yōshin Ryū organisation. In 1997 Yasumoto Soke started to teach again, but in his own branch of the tradition named Motoha Yōshin Ryū Jūjutsu, the meaning of the words ‘moto-ha’ is original-style reflecting the Takagi Ryu teachings of Kanazawa Ichizu, the father of Kanazawa Akira and the original teachings of Minaki Saburo Masanori.

The first city where Yasumoto Soke taught Motoha Yōshin Ryū Jūjutsu was Vaerlose, Denmark. Sweden and Ukraine followed, and now 17 countries are represented in International Motoha Yōshin Ryū Jūjutsu

The development of Hontai Yōshin Ryū and Motoha Yōshin Ryū

Hontai Yōshin Ryū (or Hontai Yōshin Ryū Takagi Ryū) was developed by a bushi or samurai named Takagi Oriemon Shigetoshi in the 17th century of medieval Japan.

His place of origin is Oshu (present day Miyagi prefecture). It spread out to Shiroishi (Okayama prefecture), to Owari (Nagoya) and finally to Ako and Himejii (Hyogo).

Later the honbucho dojo moved to Kōbe and is now in Nishinomiya.

In the lineage of grandmasters, the 2nd and 14th are the most famous. Takagi Umanosuke Shigesda, 2nd Soke, appears in Japanese legends as a kind man as well as a great martial artist. He was famous for formulating one of the earliest styles of unarmed combat. The 14th Soke, Ishiya Takeo Masatsugu, born in 1845, was known as master teacher in the Edo-Period. His most famous teachings are the words:

“1st eye, 2nd speed, 3rd courage, 4th strength”


“Soft on the surface, strong inside”

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